VAVILON | Solovki Islands

10.09 / 11.10.2015
The man who sat on himself / L’uomo che si sedeva su sé stesso - GROUP SHOW
Curated by Kate Strain, Angelica Sule, Zsusanna Stanitz

22.09 / 22.10.2015
Vavilon | Project C - Solovki Island - SOLO SHOW

Curated by Simone Frangi

03.10 / 04.10.2015
Vavilon |Conferences

Coordinated by Matteo Bertelé - Giulia Airoldi
Speakers: Matteo Bertelé, Marco Bulloni, Massimiliano Judica Cordiglia, Giorgio Galli, Matteo Guarnaccia, Gian Piero Piretto

After a cycle of works carried out in China and Argentina, VAVILON focuses on the Solovki Islands, an archipelago located in the Russian White Sea, at 160 km from the Northern Pole. Through history, the Islands became a place of worship for the ancient nomadic populations, a realm for ascesis and mysticism, an orthodox sanctuary, and more recently site of the Gulags, Soviet forced labour camps. The Solovki Islands are at the same time witness of the utopias and the dystopias, battlefield of ideologic wars and a place for redemption.

The inputs for the artistic investigation were a travel in 2013 on the Islands and the study of Marco Bulloni's book about these territories, evolved in the following years into a study of the less renowned aspects of the russian culture. In particular the Russian Cosmism, that represents a common ground of the totalitaristic system and that characterized all the history of Russian cosmonauts history.

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Vavilon - Video Still, dur. 26min. - 2015

Vavilon - Viafarini - Exhibition View - 2015

Vavilon - Viafarini - Exhibition View - 2015

Vavilon - Paper cut collage, 120cm x 120cm - 2015

Vavilon - Paper cut collage, 120cm x 120cm - 2015